Committee Descriptions


"The Membership committee facilitates current and future Asian/Asian American alumni and friends to engage in the lifelong environment for professional networking and cultural relationship. Additionally, the committee assists members to understand the UIAAAN’s missions and support the sustainability of the Asian/Asian American community.

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The Programming committee organizes and facilitates programs and events that meet UIAAAN’s mission to provide a space where interested Asian American alumni can contribute to and become involved with the University of Illinois, other alumni, and the broader Asian American community.

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Public Relationship/ Marketing

"The Public Relationship/Marketing committee shall work closely with the Membership and Programming Committee within UIAAAN, and externally be the primary liaison of all campuses of the University of Illinois. Look for opportunities to bridging Asian/ Asian American alumni community, students and friends.

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The committee of Technology helps to oversee the development, implementation, operation, monitoring, and evaluation of technology and technology applications necessary for the furtherance of the objectives of the UIAAAN, including but not limited to the UIAAAN website. The Director of Technology shall serve as the chairperson of the Technology Committee. At the President’s request, the Director of Technology shall write an annual report. 

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